Client Testimonials

Asian Absolute - R.Atsinov

From the recent Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

"Apart from eventually enlarging the number of language combinations you support, I cannot think of anything else. We sometimes (rarely) are in need of transcription, transcreation, interpreting, subtitling services. But from my experience, I just submit a query and promptly receive your reply, so all in all, working with you is nice and swift. Thank you about that!"

MediLingua Medical Translations BV - Mary Weller

From the recent Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

"Wish everyone was EuroGreek..."

EVS Translations - Stephanie Gill

Reference Date: 01/04/2013 14:13 GMT

Our Greek Associate who has been reviewing the translated material said that your translations are "marvelous and very professional".

Stephanie Gill

EVS Translations

LUZ Sarl - Nicolas Sauvage

From the recent Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

"You are in my top 3 favorite vendors (out of 50), please don't change anything :)"

APT - Anna Péchon

Reference Date: 16/06/2011 11:23 GMT

All project managers are polite, helpful and prompt to reply to emails. The projects that I have placed with Eurogreek have always run smoothly.

Anna Péchon

APT Transtelex