Environmental Awareness

EuroGreek’s ultimate environmental goal is to become carbon neutral, and recycle all of its used materials and equipment.


We recycle almost all paper and plastic, using appropriately labelled bins. We also reuse and recycle all ink & toner cartridges, batteries, mobile phones, cables and electronic equipment. Old computers/monitors and other equipment are usually given away to employees, friends or non-profit organisations. If they are not usable, we send them to special recycling sites.

Power Consumption

Our infrastructure is also geared towards lower power consumption. This includes:

  • Insulated walls, double-glazed windows with a reflective outer surface, and reflective Venetian blinds, all of which contribute to lower heating and cooling costs.
  • Ample natural lighting, which contributes to lower lighting costs.
  • Ventilation, where appropriate, instead of air-conditioning.
  • Use of lower consumption lighting, e.g. T5 technology (42W/lighting body instead of 72W/lighting body).
  • Use of lower consumption inverter technology, CFC-free Panasonic air-conditioners.
  • Use of lower consumption flat panel monitors throughout the office, a process that started as early as 2003.
  • Use of the latest energy-star rated Dell and Apple computers for lower consumption.

Paper and Toner Cartridges

We have also taken steps towards using less paper and fewer ink & toner cartridges by:

  • Printing only when necessary.
  • Printing almost entirely in eco-mode.
  • Refilling and reusing them.

Over the past 3 years, the above steps have more than halved our needs for paper and toner cartridges.

Carbon Neutral Aim

Moreover, we are in the process of installing a renewable source of energy, namely a thin film solar power plant on our Production Centre’s roof, to cover part of our energy needs. Our aim is to achieve Carbon Neutral status within a few years and, to that end, we are planning to extend the use of renewable energy and low carbon emission technologies.