Meet the People

Our responsive and friendly staff will always strive to provide absolute satisfaction to our clients, all the way to the perfect conclusion of each project, with unparalleled after-sales support. They will make sure all special specifications are duly met, even suggest and provide solutions our clients may not be aware of. We make sure all the right questions are asked beforehand and all issues are resolved before delivery, thus warranting our clients a total peace of mind.

Our staff is divided into 3 Teams:

  • Production Team
  • Administration Team
  • IT Team

Production Team

In order to provide specialised translation of the best possible quality, our Production Centre is divided into 5 different translation departments:

  • Technical (including IT, Telecoms & Multi-Media)
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Corporate & Marketing

Each department comprises of mother-tongue specialists, all of whom work in-house at our offices in Athens, where they avail themselves of the latest translation technology and resources (on-line and off-line CAT tools, in-house IT support etc) in order to produce the best possible quality output and maintain a high degree of consistency among projects. Confidentiality of source texts is also guaranteed as all our employees sign a non-disclosure agreement at the start of their employment.


Technical Translations Department (Incl. IT, Telecoms & Multi-Media)

Our dedicated Technical Department consists of 2 types of specialists:

  • Fully Qualified Translators who have been specialised in Technical texts
  • Fully Qualified Engineers who also have full language qualifications and technical translation experience.


Medical & Pharmaceutical Translations Department

Our dedicated Medical & Pharmaceutical Department consists of 2 types of specialists:

  • Fully Qualified Translators who specialise in medical/pharmaceutical texts
  • Fully Qualified Doctors, Pharmacists, Biologists etc, who have decided to follow a career in medical translations, or follow two parallel careers.


Legal Translations Department

Our Legal Translations Department employs fully Qualified Legal Professionals and Legal Translators who specialise in the translation of most types of legal documents. Our legal translations can be fully certified for any legal use.


Financial Translations Department

Our Financial Translations Department employs fully Qualified Translators and Financial Specialists who specialise in all types of financial translations.


Corporate & Marketing Translations Department

Our Corporate & Marketing Translations Department employs fully Qualified Translators who specialise in Corporate & Marketing translations, as well as creative translations such as interactive computer game adaptation and localisation and so forth.


Admin Team

Each of our 5 Project Managers is responsible for a small number of clients, fully processing each of their projects, from the initial inquiry right up to the invoicing stage.

Other members of the Admin Team manage accounts, procurement, marketing and human resources.


IT Team

Our in-house IT and DTP specialists are available for on-the-spot help, so projects are not unduly delayed due to technical problems. They also suggest the most cost-effective technical solutions to our clients for the successful processing of technically demanding projects.

Senior Staff Bios

Nick Loucaidis

Owner and Managing Director
Nick founded EuroGreek Translations in 1986, while studying for his MSc, in London. In 1991 he launched the Athens branch. Nick holds a BSc in Physics (University of Athens) and an MSc in Music Information Technology (The City University, London). He also holds Postgraduate Diplomas in Greek, English and Technical Translation (The Chartered Institute of Linguists). Nick is a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, UK since 1989 and has been a marking examiner for the Institute from 1994 to 1996.

Antigone Dialinou

Production Manager and Technical Translations Department Manager
Antigone joined EuroGreek in 1993. She holds a BA in Translation (Ionian University) and an MA in Translation (University of Surrey). Prior to joining EuroGreek, Antigone worked for Apple Computer’s Localisation Dept as well as various Publishing Houses. Antigone is the President of the Disciplinary Committee of the PanHellenic Association of Professional Translators Graduates of the Ionian University (PEEMPIP).

Assi Bountouridou

Quality Manager
Assi joined EuroGreek in 2007. She has a BSc in Mathematics (University of Athens) and an MA in Economic, Legal and Political Translation (Ionian University). She has also successfully attended a one-year course in Financial Management (University of Athens).

Dr. Theodoros Theodoropoulos

Medical & Pharmaceutical Translations Department Manager
Theodoros joined EuroGreek in 2006. He has a degree in Medicine, as well as in Cosmetology & Aesthetics. Theodoros co-translated Braunwald’s Cardiology, 7th Edition, volumes A+B.

Kleopatra Elaiotriviari

Financial, Legal & Marketing Translations Department Manager
Kleopatra joined EuroGreek in 2000. She holds a BA in English & French Translation. Kleopatra is proficient in English, French and Spanish, and has translated various books from Spanish to Greek for Metaixmio and Papadopoulos Publications. Kleopatra is President of the Panhellenic Association of Professional Translators Graduates of the Ionian University (PEEMPIP).

Helen Agiantritis

Senior Project Manager
Helen joined EuroGreek in 2000. She holds a Diploma in Information Technology. Before joining EuroGreek, Helen worked at a tobacco import company for eight years, where she managed the Sales & Statistics Department.

Konstantinos Kokkinopoulos

Technical Support & Infrastructure Supervisor
Konstantinos joined EuroGreek in 2007. He holds a BSc in Multimedia Computing and an MSc in Interactive Multimedia.

Fotini Gailas

Client Service & Marketing Manager
Fotini joined EuroGreek in 2008. She holds a BA in French Language & Literature from the City University of New York and an MBA specialized in marketing. Before joining EuroGreek, Fotini was an editor at a publishing house, producing English as a Second Language books for primary school pupils.


New Staff

During the initial phase of their employment, all new staff is provided with full training on the basic procedures and the software and tools used by the department they will be working for. During the second phase they are provided with hands-on training, undertaking projects under the supervision of the department's head.

Existing Staff

All our staff is provided with special training courses regarding new software tools and new versions of existing tools, new translation and/or project management procedures, and new developments in the fields of translation and localisation. The training is usually carried out in-house, in the Conference/Training Room by department heads and invited specialists of the industry.


The following positions are open at EuroGreek:

Mechanical Engineer for German to Greek translations
Doctor for medical translations from English to Greek

If you would like to apply for a position at EuroGreek, please send a full CV and cover letter to our Human Resources Department


We will then contact you regarding interviews and/or test translations.

Placement Programmes

We offer placement programmes to recent graduates or final year students, e.g. the Ionian University’s Translation Department. This gives them on-the-job training and real life experience in translations, as well as giving them a chance to see what Market Sectors they may like to specialise in.