Production Team

In order to provide specialised translation of the best possible quality, our Production Centre is divided into 5 different translation departments:

  • Technical (including IT, Telecoms & Multi-Media)
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Corporate & Marketing

Each department comprises of mother-tongue specialists, all of whom work in-house at our offices in Athens, where they avail themselves of the latest translation technology and resources (on-line and off-line CAT tools, in-house IT support etc) in order to produce the best possible quality output and maintain a high degree of consistency among projects. Confidentiality of source texts is also guaranteed as all our employees sign a non-disclosure agreement at the start of their employment.


Technical Translations Department (Incl. IT, Telecoms & Multi-Media)

Our dedicated Technical Department consists of 2 types of specialists:

  • Fully Qualified Translators who have been specialised in Technical texts
  • Fully Qualified Engineers who also have full language qualifications and technical translation experience.


Medical & Pharmaceutical Translations Department

Our dedicated Medical & Pharmaceutical Department consists of 2 types of specialists:

  • Fully Qualified Translators who specialise in medical/pharmaceutical texts
  • Fully Qualified Doctors, Pharmacists, Biologists etc, who have decided to follow a career in medical translations, or follow two parallel careers.


Legal Translations Department

Our Legal Translations Department employs fully Qualified Legal Professionals and Legal Translators who specialise in the translation of most types of legal documents. Our legal translations can be fully certified for any legal use.


Financial Translations Department

Our Financial Translations Department employs fully Qualified Translators and Financial Specialists who specialise in all types of financial translations.


Corporate & Marketing Translations Department

Our Corporate & Marketing Translations Department employs fully Qualified Translators who specialise in Corporate & Marketing translations, as well as creative translations such as interactive computer game adaptation and localisation and so forth.


Admin Team

Each of our 5 Project Managers is responsible for a small number of clients, fully processing each of their projects, from the initial inquiry right up to the invoicing stage.

Other members of the Admin Team manage accounts, procurement, marketing and human resources.


IT Team

Our in-house IT and DTP specialists are available for on-the-spot help, so projects are not unduly delayed due to technical problems. They also suggest the most cost-effective technical solutions to our clients for the successful processing of technically demanding projects.