Staff Selection & Evaluation

Our minimum requirements, before a translator can join our in-house team, are:

  • A university degree, e.g. a BA or MA in Translation.
  • For specialised translations, a university degree or work experience in the relevant area, e.g. BSc in Mechanical Engineering.
  • A post-graduate degree in the subject area is optional, but highly desirable.
  • A language degree in the source language e.g. Diploma in English.
  • At least two years’ professional translation experience or equivalent.
  • Success in a series of tests, taken at our offices, showing translation competence, accuracy, consistency and proper register in the particular subject area.

Our criteria exceed those of the Institute of Linguists’ Postgraduate Diploma in Translation.

Upon a successful 2-month period, under the guidance of an experienced specialist, the translator joins our in-house team.
Only about 1 in 100 prospective translators initially makes it to our short-list before she/he is finally offered a full-time in-house post.

Furthermore, our staff are continuously evaluated throughout their term of employment at EuroGreek, on an annual basis. Each evaluation is discussed and commented on by both the employee under evaluation and his/her assessor (the relevant Department Manager).