Localisation Services

We offer website and software localisation solutions, including end-user product testing and OLR services.

We also co-operate with our clients using custom end-software compilation tools, carrying out cutting-edge technology projects, such as:

  • Car Diagnostics Systems
  • Company Websites
  • Computer Games
  • IT products
  • Medical Devices
  • Mobile Telecommunications
  • Office Equipment
  • Telecommunications

Having in-house IT experts means we can liaise more effectively with our clients, providing integrated solutions that can save them hundreds of man-hours and help them successfully complete large projects on time.

Our localisation services include:

  • Localisation for the Web. We undertake the localisation of any website or web-based application in our language combinations. Depending on whether the content is static or database-driven, different approaches may be required, as per client needs and specific project requirements.
  • HTML/XML Processing. Utilising a full set of CAT tools we are able to process nearly all Internet document types, from standard HTML to more complex script (ASP/PHP/JSP etc) and XML structures (subject to DTD availability).
  • Localisation Testing. We can perform OLR as well as connotation and usability checks on localised content, in order to ensure both its contextual integrity and its appropriateness for the Greek market. Furthermore, we can undertake localised software usability testing projects for both IT and mobile telephony platforms.
  • Name Evaluations. Before launching a new product on local markets, international companies want to avoid any negative connotations, cultural faux pas, pronunciation difficulties or similar-sounding existing products for their brands, logos or taglines. We perform these checks, either using the client’s specifications, or our own general feedback report. Similar evaluations can be carried out for a company’s own name or logo, when they are new to the Greek market or planning a name change.

Online Review (OLR)

When the translated material for websites and intranets has been uploaded, a final check of the linguistic content, formatting and links can be carried out before the site goes live.

On-site Testing

We undertake localisation and/or testing at the client’s premises when

  • a product is in the final stages of production and security is an issue.
  • software text is still being revised in several languages, making it easier for the client to have their international team of linguists all in one place, to update content as and when it is ready.
  • the client requires proprietary software programs/machines to be used, which can only be run on site.